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Handprint Tea Bowl - Small

US Collection
Hand thrown and glazed stoneware tea bowl perfect for serving snacks, fruit and crudités. Beautiful on your countertop or shelf.

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Price $55.00
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Handmade by Robert Bowman

Bowls are handmade and will vary slightly in color and size.

The textures and patterns on these pieces result from the interaction of the clay with the black slip and white glaze as they flow and pool around the potter’s fingertips during the glazing process.

Dimensions: Approximately 5.5"W x 5"H
Color: Earth
Item Number: RB-0273E

Dishwasher safe.

Implicit in the pursuit of a fine craft, is a belief in the attractiveness of everyday life, and an appreciation of the value that is added to passing moments by objects of beauty. Robert Bowman’s work reflects his interest in classic forms and his obsession with texture and surface quality. Pottery aficionados quickly learn that the hand-crafted pots they collect are more satisfying to use than the commercial wares they buy. This is precisely because hand-made objects feature expressive and tactile qualities not offered by mechanically generated products.

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